At the Dog Groomers

Irish Wolfhound having a bathAt my producers’ annual summer party Izzie, my irish wolfhound, and I met dog groomer extraordinaire Franziska Knabenreich (Fe!ngemacht). Maybe you know her from national TV. In “hundkatzemaus” (VOX) she helps rescued shelter dogs find new homes by giving them a makeover. Izzie adored her right away, and Franzi could not keep her paws (ummm … hands) away from Izzie’s natural wind-blown rather than groomed hair style. Since then Franzi has been bugging me to bring Izzie over for a new do.
I have always been of the opinion that dog groomers are only for neurotic poodles with tutus. Definitely not for my dogs! My dogs should look wild and natural. Thus I ignored her offerings for quite some time with a friendly smile. In the end however I caved in mostly due to the mountains of shedded fur in my house against which I was waging a losing battle. Thus I called Franzi and asked: “Do you have some time for us?” She did and the rest is, as they say, history.

But look for yourself: 🙂 This is the before shot: Irish Wolfhound au naturell. Izzie suspects already that gruesome deeds will be done. 🙂

Irish Wolfhound au naturell
Sadly, I cannot show you photos of the actual plucking (ummm … trimming 😉 ), because I wanted to make a video and totally messed up. The whole film is simply black. 🙁 I promise to do better next time. 😀
This is Izzie after trimming. She looked so cute that we immediately tried to do a photo session with Franzie’s adopted dogs Hildegard and Leo. Hilde was somewhat less than cooperative. Leos and Izzie were less than enthusiastic, but were persuaded with many, many, did I mention many?, treats:

Irish Wolfhound & pug

You will recall that Izzie as well as I were total dog grooming novices. Truth be told, I expected the worst, but Izzie was pretty relaxed. Thus, we decided to give her a bath, as well. Somehow, it really struck a chord with her. I really had the feeling that she started to enjoy the whole wellness bit. Her facial expression was expectant as if saying, “What’s next?”

Here Izzie is sticking her tongue out at us – cheeky beast. 😀

Irish Wolfhound cheeky

Meanwhile Leo and Hildegard gave emotional support.


romanian rescue dog

Izzie was thoroughly scrubbed with a yummy smelling herbal organic vegan shampoo (by Hund & Herrchen):

Irish Wolfhound being bathed

Irish Wolfhound being bathed

Izzie was totally cool.

Irish Wolfhound bathing

Since Izzie is very susceptible to pneumonia we carefully blow dried her raven tresses.

Irish Wolfhound blow dry

Does a headscarf suit me??

Irish Wolfhound with head scarf

We settled for a lovely pink princess collar instead. 😉

Irish Wolfhound pink collar

I hope you enjoyed my photos, got a feeling for how totally relaxed the grooming procedure was and how much fun we had in the process. I am a convert and will definitely take my two other dogs, Shelby and Berry, to Franzi’s for grooming. If you caught the grooming bug, too, you can reach Franzi, as follows, or via facebook:

Frankziska Knabenreich dog groomer


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