Team Work

Zaun im Abendlicht

What’s glistening in the evening sun?

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman in possession of several dogs must be in want of a fence. …
Well then – even if the words of the immortal Jane Austen sound somewhat peculiar in this context – I was in want of a fence. How else could my dogs begin to enjoy their new realm? Thus project fence, sped by gutting, electric installation, pipes, leaking roof, bird hall and decluttering to the top of my to do list.
I am however not the kind of person that just leaps into a new project. Rather I am a researcher and planner. And almost fell off my chair when a quick online search revealed that a nice fence costs about as much as the house and its renovation combined. Some adjustment of my search criteria was in order. Instead of “pretty” the key criterium for my fence became “inexpensive”. Ah … game fence. Why not? Cheap and stable. All kinds of foresters use it to keep animals out. Thus I could surely use it to keep my dogs in. In fact my declared goal was to have the fence work like a sieve. Smaller wildlife such as rabbits, foxes, pheasants, etc. should be able to pass freely. My dogs should not. As an added side benefit the larger meshes were also less expensive.
After some drama as paypal stubbornly insisted that the vendor send the goods to my “rather useless for this project”-bank address everything did arrive fairly timely on location. Even better, due to the Christmas Holidays I did have sufficient helpers on hand. They were highly motivated, willing and none of them (including myself) had ever built a fence before. Disregarding diverse derisive comments we defiantly deliberated on the project (yes, I Do like alliterations. 😉 ): “It really should not be that hard with some good planning.” … “After all fence building is not rocket science.”
We discussed, imagined, reconsidered, showed and in the end unanimously decided to simply begin and then we would see …
Why, oh why, does one only ever notice that material or tools are missing after beginning a project (“Corner posts? What corner posts?” … “Nope, the impact shoe still has not arrived!”)? But for any problem a solution could and would be found (“We can fix that with zinc spray.”). And after three days, 85 fence posts, 260m wire and – surprisingly – zero injuries it was standing. Our fence!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each participant again with my whole heart. I do not know what i would have done without you! 🙂


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