How it all began

The valley spreading out beneath me looked so peaceful. This is were I wanted to be. I took a deep breath, turned to the real estate agent and told him, that I’d like to put in an offer. You might expect me to have been terribly excited, but I wasn’t. For more than two annoying and frustrating years I had been looking for a house with some acreage. I viewed countless properties. Something was always off: The price, the location, the permits or the place was about to collapse. I liked this place, but did not want to get my hopes up, especially as my bid was lower than the asking price and I wanted double the amount of land. Thus I had not reason to expect the owners to accept my offer. I was just going through the motions.
A day later, to my huge surprise, the owners actually came back with a counter offer. A little bit higher, with a lot less land than I wanted, but at least they were negotiating. On previous bids, neither the owner nor the agent had even bothered to reply. Still my chances were slim. I already knew that there were several other interested parties. Likely some of them would outbid me. On the other hand, I also knew that I had a time advantage, because due to sheer luck I had seen the place a week before anyone else. I doubted though that speed would outrun cash. But then the magic began.
As I was talking to the agent who knew the owners quite well, he indicated that there was some price flexibility based on ease of transaction. You see the house, barns and stables had been lived in by the same family for almost eighty years and never decluttered. That was my opportunity! Due to Marie Kondo, I knew I could handle this. I smiled at the agent and calmly told him that I would take care of emptying the space. The owners just needed to remove the items they wanted to keep, and I would take care of the rest.
And that, my dear friends, clinched the deal. In record time we signed the papers and the deal closed a week before Christmas.


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