My First Blog Post

Blogging about life and everything. :-)
The last few days found me programming a bit here and there. And now I can present you with a website – albeit a rudimentary one – for my new blog.
Why a blog, you may ask?
Well, I’ve gotta post that stuff somewhere.
But you already have a website, I hear some of you protest.
That’s true, but that one is for bird stuff and there are so many other things going on in my life. It seems unkind to flood all those parrot mamas and papas out there with non parrot stuff, just because I have nowhere to put it.
On the other hand some people have asked me to post about the other stuff. Thus, to keep everything nice and clean and tidily wrapped up … voila my new website.
I want to begin blogging right away, but first I must ask you to be a little bit kind to me. You see, I haven’t blogged before and I am totally clueless as to what might interest you and what you might find lethally boring but over time, I promise, I will find out. Or you could help me get my blogging into shape by simply letting me know. Feedback is very much wanted and possible on my facebook page which I have set-up to go along with this blog.


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